Name: Generosity Day Sponsored by Thrivent

Date: August 10, 2019

Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM CDT

Generosity Day

Sponsored by Thrivent – and Thrivent Rep. Jay Larsen

Come join us for a family friendly day supporting our local charities and non-profits. Play games, enjoy great food, and explore the vendors to see the great things our locals are doing to raise funds for their favorite charities. Enjoy dancing and listening to the fabulous band Marcy and the Highlights from Madison.

Don’t miss Steve Swadley on Guitar at the Thirsty Goat June 23 2019

Guests to the Thirsty Goat in Fitchburg are in for a treat Sunday June 23rd when the talented and energetic Steve Swadley takes to the stage (probably inside judging from the forecast) with the Highlights!  Steve brings Beatles tunes, and some high energy classic rock to the Highlights show!  BE THERE!

Diane and Randy Entertain to Delight all at the Thirsty Goat!

BIG THANKS to Diane and Randy Schumann for entertaining with the Highlights at the Thirsty Goat June 16th!  They are always gracious, fun and OH SO TALENTED!  A big treat to work with and a delight for the Thirsty Goat crowd! THANK YOU!! 

June 2 Andy Yaun with Highlights at the Thirsty Goat 3-6

Andy Yaun, the Rockabilly Kid, will be joining the Highlights many Sundays this summer at the Thirsty Goat and other shows. Andy brings strong vocals and some AMAZING GUITAR.  Join us every Sunday, 3-6 pm at the Thirsty Goat.  The Thirsty Goat is in Fitchburg right on Fish Hatchery Road.  

Memorial Day MONDAY 3-6 pm David Heim for One Show only at the Thirsty Goat, Fitchburg

David Heim has just completed his study abroad in Velencia, Spain.  We went over to check it out!  Here is his school in the famous Palace of the Arts.  His teacher, Patrick Soria, who works for Warner Brothers, is in the shot with us.  You won’t believe how David plays now.  He’s home for one show only at the Thirsty Goat, on MONDAY, Memorial Day! 3-6 pm. Don’t miss it!  Call 608-772-6777 for details.  To celebrate, we’ll also have some goodies for you to enjoy while we play. Hopefully outside on the Patio – but if it rains, Caroline has agreed to move the show inside!  See you then.

Feb 23, 2019 Highlights Return to the 4th Saturday Dance

Join the HIGHLIGHTS at the February 4th Saturday Dance!!
This is a dance for people who want to have a good time dancing to a variety of music types. Whether you’re just learning to dance or are an ‘expert’, come on out and have a good time! There will be a range of dancing: Swing, Waltz, Hustle, Rhumba, Nightclub 2-step, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, West Coast, even some line dances. $10.

7:30-10:30 pm

Messiah Lutheran Church – 5202 Cottage Grove Rd, Madison, WI

Let’s DANCE! Monona Senior Center Dance East Side Club March 10, 2019

Join the Highlights for a fun-filled afternoon with dancing, great conversation and good food at the East Side Club!

Tickets $10 in advance – you can buy your tickets from the Highlights….


See you in MARCH!!!!


Congrats! Jeannine and Bruce Hanson! 10th Wedding Anniversary! Dec 2018

TEN YEARS AGO….in a beautiful wedding on a snowy, magical day, Jeannine and Bruce said, I DO!  The Highlights played for their fun-filled wedding dance – kids and all hopping on the dance floor!

NOW…TEN YEARS LATER…no snow, and a whole new bunch of kids and grand-kids, Jeannine and Bruce renewed the magic with a beautiful 10th Anniversary Party! Again..the Highlights were honored to entertain and what a fun night it was!

Our warm congrats!  On to the TWENTIETH YEAR PARTY?


Fourth Saturday Dance – Nov 24


Messiah Lutheran Church 5202 Cottage Grove Rd. , Madison, Wisconsin

Messiah Lutheran Church 5202 Cottage Grove Rd. , Madison, Wisconsin View Map
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Pictures from Sunday’s at The Thirsty Goat!

It’s been a wild ride with LIVE BAND KARAOKE and Team Drinks! Goat 2 singers senior Goat Adler sisters 2018 Goat Alex 2018 Goat Band shot summer 2018 Goat band Goat bill and suzie 2018 Goat Chad Goat crown 2018 Goat Don and Marcy Goat Kathy Goat Peter 2018 Goat Ralph 2018 Goat Randy and Diane 2018 Goat Rhonda Goat with WILLOW guests