Meet Us

The Highlights

The Highlights – boy are we LOTS of fun!

We’ve been entertaining audiences in the Midwest for  years.  Best known as a variety DANCE band, we perform our originals, 50’s and 60’s, country, Latin, blues, rock, standards and much more.  We love ALL music!  From left, Marcy, Pat, David, Tom and Ken.

Over the years, the Highlights have received top honors in the Madison area Battle of the Bands and have written, produced and recorded their own tunes here and in Nashville.  We’ve been featured at the Art Fair on the Square, the Taste of Madison and Make Music Madison. What we love best – is playing music and entertaining!  We’re game to try just about anything!


Tom Dehlinger is the Highlights guitar player, round two. He’s performed with scores of Madison area bands over decades of gifting the Madison area with his great musicianship. He was with the Highlights during our Battle of the Band wins in the 90’s and is back again adding his smooth, tasteful, yet powerful, guitar to the Highlights sound. He’s an accomplished guitar and steel guitar musician and has played in numerous studio sessions for local recording musicians from all genres of music. Tom is all about finding the groove and dancers appreciate him setting the beat for each dance style.


Patrick Greenan is the Highlights drummer. You’ll know what dance to do with Pat behind the drumkit.

He began playing drums professionally at the age of twelve.  Over the years he has toured the country with various rock and variety bands.  Patrick spent twenty two  years teaching drums and percussion, fifteen of those years in Madison Wisconsin. Although Patrick is originally from Springfield, Illinois he claims Wisconsin as his home state.  When asked about that he said, “As my Irish grandfather, who was born in Scotland, used to say, “If I were born in a barn would it make me a horse?” Patrick has lived here for thirty seven years with his wife, Sherry.  His hobbies include golfing, playing cards, bio nuclear physics and watching reruns of Mr. Ed.

Keyboardist, David Heim, has been with the Highlights since 2012.  He’s a songwriter, composes scores for special productions, and adds the rich sound the Highlights are known for.  At 19, David is the youngest Highlight and brings terrific keyboards and vocals to the band.  HDavid OHS Euk orig songe’s known to step into the crowd to sing to the ladies…..   He’s performed in musical theater since age 4 when he was Tiny Tim in CTM’s The Christmas Carol.  Other roles have included Winthrop in The Music Man with Straw Hat Players, roles in Annie Get Your Gun, The Drowsy Chaperone and many more. His original scores have been performed by area orchestras and he’s heading to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston next fall to pursue a composing, producing and performing major and career. His first love is composing and David is frequently found setting the stage at wedding dinners with his unique musical sounds.  In addition to piano, David plays the ukulele.


Ken Heim plays electric bass with the Highlights and performs lead and background vocals. Ken got his start in professional music at age sixteen at an impromptu performance with his first band, The Natives, for an audience of 200 screaming high school girls. Enough said….Ken was hooked on music! The Natives rode the wave of the British invasion of the 60’s by specializing in The Beatles. Then Ken joined The Bowery Boys (later known as Clicker) the day after the Natives played their Ken weblast gig.

After a stint as bass player with the Milwaukee-based rock band Eden Stone, Ken joined forces with Madison’s Funky Drummer, Clyde Stubblefield, in the R&B group called Blume’. After Blume’ came his “Blues Period,” when he performed with Paul Black, Mel Ford, Will “Smokey” Log, and John Chimes.In 1986, at the urging of then drummer, Clyde Stubblefield, Ken joined the Highlights, eventually married the “girl singer” and has been swinging and rocking with them ever since.  Ken has also ventured into musical theater and performed in “Seussical The Musical” with Middleton Players Theater.  Aside from being a great bass player, Ken is an extraordinary sound engineer and  keeps the Highlights well mixed!

Marcy Heim was one of those kids that walked around singing…anywhere, anytime. Songs are powerful and MaMarcy at Fitchburgrcy wants her music to bring a smile to your face and pull you out on the dance floor!  She’s been in sing/dance groups her whole life.  Nite Fire was her first band, then Changes Band, a local country variety band before starting Marcy and The Highlights in the 80’s. Her original song, “Maybe Together Was Better,” received honorable mention in the Nashville Music City Song Festival. Most fun was forming the trio, “Special Delivery” with combined the musical talents of three local bands and performed at area conventions and festivals. Marcy got a strong dose of rhythm and blues as singer with Clyde Stubblefield and the Motown Players and with Clyde as a member of the Highlights for more than seven years. And, thanks to Clyde, her husband Ken is part of the band and they have three very musical kids. Marcy loves musical theater  but the “highlight” for Marcy was performing with the UW Varsity Band under the direction of Mike Leckrone in the Kohl Center.  (see the video on this site).  Marcy is happiest telling corny jokes and partying with the crowd!

Andy Yaun is the Highlights former guitar player who joins us occasionally–and what a gAndy Yaunuitar player he is! A native of Monticello, Andy is the ROCKABILLY KID and fits in an occasional Highlights show. He and David bring energy to the group and lots of new tunes.  Check out Andy’s Facebook page at and take in one of his solo gigs.  Andy is like a son to us and we are sure he will be on the charts in no time!