Over 250 celebrate at Phil Gokey Dance

Thank you to everyone (over 200 strong) who joined us at the Phil Gokey Tribute Dance Party and made it such a meaningful and memorable day! The Highlights were honored to be asked to help celebrate the life of Phil Gokey. He was a dear friend of our band and family.
Here are some scenes from the day.  Thanks to everyone – Ladies Must Swing, DJ Kevin, all who brought food for the potluck, and all who shared reflections and stories about Phil.  Thanks to Matt Gokey for sharing picture Boards of Phil and WOW can Matt dance!  May we be inspired to live everyday like he did!  You can connect with Jan Hagen at 608) 243-9286 or janet49hagen@gmail.com​.  We know she would be happy to hear from you.  (and dance with you)

Phils Party DJ Kevin leads the reflections Phils Dance LMS Phils Dance Janet Marcy Ken cmp Phils Dance Janet and David cmp Phils dance HL with Angela LMS cmp Phils Dance Highlights cmp Phils Dance Electric Slide with the Highlights Phils Dance dancing cmp