David is OFF TO BERKLEE College of Music in Boston! Oct 12-15 is Parent’s Weekend

We are PROUD PARENTS!  This past weekend we joined David in Boston at the Berklee College of Music.  It was an amazing experience as we jumped into the classroom and did ear training with one of the professors, drumming with an African drumming instructor and toured the campus.  We also (of course) hopped on stage and preformed Wagon Wheel at the Faculty Jam.  David is really shining there.  We spent an hour in a tiny practice room – the piano, bench, David and Ken and Marcy tucked onto the back wall.  David practices and practices.  The magic is that for him is it all pure joy!  He’s going to major in Electronic Music Production.  Stay tuned! Thank you all for your support of David’s musical journey!    20171013_09293020171013_16581120171013_18101520171013_11263220171013_11015720171013_10345020171013_10171620171013_100842 20171013_181015 20171014_091741 20171015_170403 com