VFW, 301 Cottage Grove Rd, Aug 18 TO THE DANCERS RESCUE

NOTE: The Highlights –  Sunday Dance Party – VFW on Cottage Grove Road – Tomorrow night! 

Well….let’s face it, dancers.  Turner Hall is a gym.  Now you can’t beat that great wooden court as a dance floor, and for several years now, we’ve called it home to the Sunday Dance Party.  On behalf of  Marcy & The Highlights we’d like to say a big THANK YOU to the folks at Turner Hall.  Lots of great memories there with lots of great folks.

But…alas, there are now so many volleyball players seeking a place to hit the ball over the net, that Sunday night leagues are trumping our dances.  And…coming to our rescue is the VFW, 301 Cottage Grove Road…again.  So, dial up your GPS now and plan to join us tomorrow night, August 18th for the Sunday Dance at the VFW!

Looking back, I’ve shared over 30 years with the Sunday Dance – even running it for a couple of years when Jim and Becci took some time off.  When we ran the dance we settled at the VFW and it was a good partnership until the VFW members felt they needed the space for member events.  They have been good to us, and we thank them.  And while it won’t be our permanent home, I suspect we’ll be there from time to time.  How nice.

But most of all….thanks to you all who enjoy the art of dance, want a good space to dance in, value dancing to live music and appreciate the company of others who share the joy of this experience.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night at the VFW and where ever the dance settles for our next chapter.

Invest in Joy!  It is always your choice.

My hugs,


Marcy and the Highlights