Good Lookin’ Devil Benefit – THANK YOU!

Good Lookin’ Devil Benefit

THANK YOU….what an amazing day…over 300 folks dancing away in honor and memory of Jim Ceithamer.  With my deepest thanks and gratitude……to each and everyone of you who made this day a success and contributed to the financial and emotional support for Becci and her family.  We saw folks we haven’t seem in years who traveled to be with us.    It was a tremendous outpouring of love  – far beyond our wildest hopes for the day.

My thanks to the musicians, dance instructors and DJ Brent who made the day a celebration of Jim’s love for dancing, the Sunday Dance and his dancers.  Our bands – Marcy and the Highlights, Ken Wheaton trio, Old School and Universal Sound – our special guests – Bonnie and Dave – Side by Side, Kristy Larson and Mark Roeder – and a spectacular performance by Anthony Ceithamer, Jim’s grandson and Jacquelyn Ceithamer, Jim’s daughter.  Our dance instructors, Michael Glowacki, Tom Choudoir and Linda and Peter Goethche (Fred Astaire Dance) were WONDERFUL and managed the packed room.   A big thank you to Alice and the staff at Turner Hall – it was just perfect.  And to the over 100 folks who contributed drawing prizes.

Most of all though….the feeling at this event just cannot be explained – it was just pure joy, love and fun.  In all my years of playing at benefits, this was just an incredible experience.  Thank you, everyone.  Marcy